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Highest Quality Melatonin

Melatonin is known to promote healthy defensive responses within our “first tier innate” immunity system.11 From this starting point, melatonin accomplishes beneficial immunomodulation effects directed into our “second tier acquired” immunity system.12 Melatonin also plays many other beneficial roles in immunity, especially in balancing the all-important immune cell inflammatory response.13,14 Melatonin may re-awaken and support healthy white blood cell functions in overweight nursing women.15



  • Recommended for:

    • Auto-immune dysfunction*

    • Promoting enhanced immune functions*

    • Insomnia and poor sleep patterns*

    • Overcoming restless, disturbed sleeping patterns*

    • Reversing long-term states of Exhaustion*

    • Promoting healthful recovery from habitual exposures to non-ionizing radiation (i.e., stressful EMF exposures - e.g., cell phones, microwaves, WiFi, computers, etc.) *

    • Helps neutralize and promote healthy recovery from ionizing radiation exposure (i.e., diagnostic X-Rays, radon exposure, etc.)*

    • Optimizing antioxidant (Nrf2) and Immune system functions*

    • Balancing circadian rhythms (promotes recovery from jet-lag, reducing stresses associated with working under artificial lighting, and rotating shift work).*

    • Fortifies mood well-being, mental alacrity and stability.*


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