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*Free of the Top 8 Allergens & more: tree nut free, shea free, coconut free, palm free, soy free, wheat free, gluten free, sesame free, egg free, shellfish free, hypoallergenic and vegan!

🌿 Stimulating Hair Growth Oil

🌿 LOC/ LCO Method Hair Sealing Oil

🌿 Scalp Massaging Oil

🌿 Inversion Method

🌿 Hair Oil Shampoo (Poo Free Method)

🌿 Prepoo Treatment

🌿 Frizz Control, Adds Shine, Silky Hair

🌿 Penetrating Oils, Moisturizes, Seals

🌿 UV Protection

🌿 Repairs Hair from Heat Tools

🌿 Combats Hair Loss (Natural DHT Blocker - Hormone that causes hair loss): Alopecia, Thinning Hair, Bald spots, Male Pattern Baldness

🌿 Combats Dandruff, Scalp Dryness

🌿 Strengthens and Stimulates Hair Growth

==DIRECTIONS (Multi-purpose)== *For use as a hair shampoo: Take one vial into the palm of your hands, massage into hair, leave for a few minutes and wash out with water. Follow up with a conditioner. *For use as a scalp massaging oil: Massage into scalp for 2 min, 3-7 days/wk. Use daily for best results. Naturally Straight hair - Apply serum at night, wash next day. *As a hair sealing oil: Use as part of your LOC or LCO method routine. *Prepoo treatment: Put into hair, let it sit or steam for 5-15 minutes for an intense stimulating treatment, then shampoo as normal. *Mix one dropper into your moisturizers or deep conditioners. **Measure and record hair growth progress every 7-14 days (pictures, videos, etc.) Use hashtag - #NaturallyFreeInc on social media for a chance to become a brand ambassador, win free products, prizes and attend special events That tingling feeling you feel just means its stimulating hair growth! ==INGREDIENTS== Sunflower, Broccoli, Carrot, Pumpkin, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, Vitamin A, B1, E, Silica, Omega 3s, Sulfur, UV SPF 38, Love & Healthy Hair (100%!) Free of Preservatives, Parabens, Synthetic Ingredients, Fragrance and Dyes. In Eco-Friendly, 100% aluminum free, glass packaging. *Store in cool, dry place. 2.0 FL OZ / 60 ml Naturally Free Inc.

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When you purchase online, we will donate 1% of proceeds to the charity you select. The organizations we proudly support are Covid-19 First Responders, the Center for Child Protection, Fighting Pretty, The Heifer Foundation, and the National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation.
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