All New! Asia-Inspired Brightening Hyaluronic Milk Lotion

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 Skin Care 

In a never before sold combination of elements to enhance the underlying texture and tone of the skin, Asia Inspired Brightening Hyaluronic Milk Lotion by Dr Jennifer Walden, nourishes without irritating the dermis. It has an amazing feel and fragrance, and naturally moisturizes and firms the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is becoming one of the most popular must-haves in your medicine cabinet for keeping skin looking plump and youthful! H.A. is a sugar found naturally in our skin that holds water and helps keep it hydrated and radiant. Combine that with Bisabolol, a terpene found in soothing chamomile, and Acetyl Rheum Rhaponticum, a brightening root extract from the false rhubarb plant to naturally and effectively brighten the appearance of skin.
The lotion itself smells luxurious with hints of Bergamot and Sandalwood to help soothe and relax the skin. It is gentle enough for everyday use all over the face, neck, and chest. After cleansing your skin, but before moisturizing, apply just 1-2 pumps and pat it into the skin for a fresh and youthful visage!

Team up your Asia Inspired Brightening Hyaluronic Milk Lotion with Dr. Jennifer Walden Phytoceramides Supplement, and boost your skin health from within.

Phytoceramides are a fantastic and effective solution for healthy youthful-looking skin and wrinkle-reduction. By sealing in the skin's moisture, the skin is strengthened which in turn reduces the visible signs of aging.
Dr. Walden's formulation of rice-based phytoceramides with vitamins A, C, D, E, will help keep your skin looking fresh and free from fine lines! 

Dr. Jennifer Walden and her team in New York, NY or Austin, TX,  are here to assist individuals in achieving their full definition of beauty, Beyond Skin Deep. 
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