Give Your Brain a Boost

Have you ever woke up feeling foggy? Or you’re feeling down, but don’t understand why? Sometimes even your morning coffee and yoga can’t kick a “blah” mood. Don’t let those sluggish, off days slow you down! 

Dr. Jennifer Walden has a variety of supplements that support brain function and clarity. These supplements contain specific ingredients to support brain health and help you feel your best.

Mind-Matrix is a fast-acting capsule formulated with ingredients like:

-St. John’s Wort: an herb often used as a mood booster

-L-glutamine: an amino acid that has been known to reduce depression or anxiety

-Ginkgo Biloba: an extract that is used to reduce anxiety and stress

Nootropic Formula is developed for enhanced brain function, clarity, and sense of well-being. It contains ingredients such as:

-L-Theanine: an amino acid used to promote relaxation and reduce stress

-Choline Bitartrate: an essential nutrient for cognitive function

Positive Mode is a supplement designed to foster a happy, positive mind. It includes ingredients like:

-B-complex: vitamins essential for brain function and energy levels

-Biotin: a vitamin that promotes the breakdown of food into energy and supports the nervous system

A happy mood can set you up for a better day. Get back on track with supplements that will support your overall brain health!