Quality Above The Rest

Not every skincare line actually cares for your skin.

We work hard to ensure our products and supplements are of the highest quality through expert formulation and extensive research and development. Our Dr. Jennifer Walden Private Label Skincare development team uses a large collection of innovative resources to conduct research. Information sharing on Raw Material Technical Data, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and clinical data is provided through the vendors that we work with in partnership with their laboratories. Our teams continue their education so they can stay up-to-date on the latest scientific research. Also, we are putting to market scientifically-proven ingredients to produce effective products that yield beautiful results, including popular and trending ingredients. This product line was produced in an environmentally friendly, animal cruelty-free manner with sustainable packaging.

I’m also happy to include some very special supplements that make sense to me & my staff, and are evidence-based in their active ingredients. In my sexual wellness practice in both NY and Austin, many of our patients swear by supplemental support and therefore we enjoy offering them! These are our most often requested formulations, so we hope this makes it easier with our subscription methods online for the monthly maintenance of your New Year’s goals!  Placing them online in my e-commerce store was a natural evolution for the ease of patient ordering with inherently less hassle.  

It is exciting to have partnered with a leading innovator of Sun Care, Skin Care, and personal care products who knows that operational excellence provides the pathway to a winning product. If you’ve ever experienced product contamination or packaging failure, you know the true weight and importance of the Quality Assurance team pre-sale.  Full transparency with our Quality Team is at the heart of our process; our partners fully vet new product requests for viability prior to development, and once the product has been developed, QA begins testing and monitoring products. All production batches are reviewed in comparison to the original R&D batch to ensure that appearance, consistency, and quality are maintained.

The QA team regularly conduct the following tests on our products:

  • Specific Gravity (sg) tests
  • pH balance tests
  • Viscosity tests
  • Appearance (aesthetics) tests
  • Odor tests
  • Microbial tests
  • Stability Tests

Quality also monitors the manufacturing process to ensure product consistency. Finally, no products are released without approval from our Quality Team.

We want to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality products for the best results.